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This is a category that contains projects on Falsifiable Scientific Method. There may be different types of projects.

Experiment suggestions

Detailed suggestions of how to do experiments should be placed in this category. In particular, if the person or people who came up with the idea do not have the money to do the project on their own. Not only is it a way to connect ideas of experiments with money to do it, but it is also a way of combining different experiments that share much of their equipment into a single experiment that saves lots of money. It may even be possible for many idea-creators of experiment with limited economies to pool their resources into one expensive experiment created to test many hypotheses or theories at once. Part-contributions to experiments with some money or some parts of the equipment, including recycling of parts that can be used for experiments (but were not necessarily intended for such when they were built) are possible too.

Open Access projects

Projects to create open access beyond what is available today are in this category. This applies no matter if it is about placing the information on this wiki itself or on a separate website. After all, theory and hypothesis articles here can be given links to empirical data elsewhere! Different projects to end the ivory tower, to open the entire process of science up so that anyone can contribute (as opposed to merely reading finished "papers") are welcome here too.

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