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What is a H/T?

H/Ts are hypotheses and theories that make falsifiable predictions that follow logically from their consistent premise. They differ from observational signatures in that there is a ground for predicting the outcomes.

Degrees of hypotheses or theories

It have often been said that a hypothesis is still untested or poorly tested while a theory is well-tested. The truth is that there is a scale of how tested a predictor or H/T is. There is no line between a hypothesis and a theory, there is a scale of how tested they are. That is why it is called H/Ts on this wiki for short, instead of one category for hypotheses and another for theories and with an arbitrary demarcation between the two.

Since everything that makes falsifiable predictions and is free from immunization to criticism is a H/T, it also includes those that have already been falsified. It is important to avoid degenerating into semantic quibble about "it is not a hypothesis if it is false" which obscures the point of fallibility.

The efficiency of testing theories or hypotheses

This wiki is also built as means of making testing more efficient, allowing H/Ts to climb the scale of how tested they are more efficiently. It is an active testing device, not simply a repository of hypotheses and theories that undergo tests elsewhere.

Finding hypotheses and theories on this wiki

The article with the title H/Ts is in the category H/Ts. If you click on the category H/Ts, a category page that contain all hypotheses and theories on this wiki will turn up. The categories are at the bottom of the article pages.